criminals activity

@lusirafa (945)
October 15, 2008 12:54pm CST
I've notice there's a tendency that criminals are seldom to act in the early morning. So maybe we should do some risky activities that might attract criminals attention, such as drawing a large amount of money from bank or etc, in the early morning ^_^ What do you think about it?
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@DonnaLawson (4032)
• United States
16 Oct 08
I think that would be the safest time to do something such as that, so as not to attract attention from strangers.. I believe most criminals are out at night so that may be why they are not too often out in the morning, they are sleeping late..
@lusirafa (945)
17 Oct 08
Thanks for your response. Yes, that's the main reason why crime are seldom happened in the morning. But let's still take any precaution, even if we do that risky activities in the early morning.
@zalilame (880)
• Malaysia
16 Oct 08
We use to think that criminals are like that. But in today's world doing crime is a full time job. Robbers steal on broad daylight. People get killed in drive by shootings. Women getting snatched on the way to work. Crime happens every time. The most that we can do is be aware of what's around you and take prevention steps from being robbed or etc. Just take any precaution that you can think of or we could be the next victim of crime.