The Great Pyramid

October 15, 2008 3:08pm CST
As you all know about the Pyramids in Egypt. These are well constructed with perfect Geometry and well Architecture........ In Egypt, the first pyramid were built in 2700 BC. They probaby made from Mastaba, a low, rectangular tomb with a roof, originally built with Mudbrick and later in stone. These gradually increased in size and complexity until they looked like a stepped pyramid--that is, a pyramid with sides rose in gaint steps. The Most famous example of a Step Pyramid is the Pyramid of Dozer at Saqqara, which was built in 2630 BC. The largest and most famous pyramids of Ancient Egypt are those that held the bodies of pharaohs Khufu, Khafri and Menkaure at Giza. The Great Pyramid of Khufu has a volume about 2.6 million Cu m (91.8 million Cu ft), and it is believed that 2.5 millons of stones are composed in that Pyramid, each stome weights 2.5 Tones each side of the Pyramid 138 meters long and 147 meters Height Actually my doubt is How they constructed these Pyramids with this much Perfect Geometry ? There is no chance to have knowlege about Geometry on that time ??? And Most interesting thing is revealed that Astrologers found some pictures on Mars on Mars also they found some Pyramid like structures are present and the Geometry is matching with the Pyramids on Earth. No Person went on Mars for Constructing anything then How is it Possible ??????? Some one who is not Human Race may constructed these Structures Who are they ???? Are They Aliens ?????????????????????????????????? If they are Aliens Why they constructed on earth ??????? What is the Purpose of Constructing those Big Structures ???????? Are the Pyramids showing any Map for Alien Existence in our Universe ??????? Please share ur opinions and coments on this discussion
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