where do people go after death?

October 15, 2008 3:12pm CST
what do people belive happens after they pass away? heaven? maybe reincarnation? or nowhere? I never know what to believe,. if people go to heaven then why is it that some people have spirits living with them or psycics can speak to them. I know there are alot of fakes out there that say they can speak to the deceised but i trully believe some people do have that sixth sense. But why is it that somepeople stay after death and some dont and for those who dont stay where do they GO??? lol tell me your opinions
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@toddsarm (766)
• Canada
15 Oct 08
Don;t know all find out when I die
@heaven11 (1159)
• United States
15 Oct 08
I believe that our spirits go to heaven or hell and yes there are some that linger around I cant explain it so Im not even gonna give an opinion As for the mediums that claimto be out there Iam not saying there not real but its hard for br too believe