Profesionnal fighting (Mix martial art) -Training camp in Thailand - $$$ = :( -

October 15, 2008 7:20pm CST
Hi everyone. My passion since a few years has been training for Mix martial art. I'd really love someday to participate in events such as UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) or TKO etc. I train almost everyone, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, Brazilian JiuJitsu - Everything to be the complete fighter. My goal is to head off to Thailand this summer for a 1 month training camp, which is quite expensive, well, the FLIGHT TICKETS are expensive, about 3500$ and the actual training/living in Thailand would be around 1500$. I'll do everything I can to have enough money for this summer. I actually have around 900$CAD (I am from Canada. I have a part time job but it will not be enough to save enough money for this summer. Mid-may is my expected departure date. That's why I search on the web ways to make money and I came up with this site, unfortunately I saw some posts and I understood that it is a long term website and at the best, I'd be able to make about 20$ a month. That's a start, but not enough. If anyone has any stories or any thoughts/opinions, please feel free to share or redirect me :D thx
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