What are some good songs to learn on guitar?

@Helios (85)
United States
October 16, 2008 12:42am CST
For skill or for entertainment of oneself of others, what would you recommend to learn on guitar? Any good workbooks which you recommend would also be very helpful, I'm trying to improve as much as possible. Thanks
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@sid805 (8)
• China
21 Oct 08
do you know greenday? may be you can learn some greenday songs. that is how i started. time of your life(good riddiance)thats the easiest song to learn. you can watch it on youtube how to play it. and you can practice 1 hour a day. its really gonna help
• Malaysia
17 Oct 08
Pick an easy song first like 'Have you ever seen the rain' by CCR, any song y the Beatles or even those 50's rock n roll songs. That's a start. There are many website that give you tips on playing the guitar. Books are also comes in hundred about it, but the best way is you have to practice playing everyday to master the skill of it.Happy strumming my friend.
• United States
16 Oct 08
Pick one easy to play song from your fav 5 bands, Acoustically - I chose: Thank You, by Led Zeppelin Wish You were Here, by Pink Floyd A Day In The Life, by The Beatles American Pie, by Don McLean Make It With You, by Bread For Electric, I pick: Stairway To Heaven, by Led Zeppelin Sunshine of Your Love, by Eric Clapton Rock Is My Life, by BTO Turn The Page, by Bob Seger (Metallica ver.) In My Dreams, by Dokken these ten songs will challenge you, and give you a wide variety of style to choose from. there are numerous tabs out there on the web to help you play these and gagillions more! have phun :)
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
16 Oct 08
The last time i went to our local post office which is in melbourne Australia I saw they had a rack of DVD's on how to play various musical instruments, maybe that is the way to go, maybe there is some free sites on the net...