New way of hacking mobile phones and prepaid load

October 16, 2008 2:41am CST
Hi all. I'm not sure if you've heard of this but I'm alarmed at what I heard (which is a fact, by the way.) There are people who are hacking phones, specifically Nokia phones and are stealing people's load. My fiance's sister informed us and she even scolded the person who told her because his classmates were doing just that. I'm not sure of how they do it but what they do is they make sure that their prepaid balance is zero before they can "hack". I don't know if these people use GPS or what but they encode something on their mobile phone and with that, they can detect phones within a certain range and can even determine how much load the person has. They then proceed in sending the credit of other people to their account. It comes out as "share-a-load". What's worse is, it's not only with one network. With the technique that these people are doing, they can even get load from other networks. Alarming right? So if, for some reason, you're load seems to have disappeared for no reason, please inform your network provider. Has anyone heard of this? Has this happened to you?