Abigail Caneo: Are you aware of everything about love?

October 16, 2008 4:58am CST
When i was in my high school days, i was very cautious in everything i do, but I'm not aware that may ex- boyfriend will reach his time... to die... He was a good man as in "takbuhan sa lahat ng oras" I grieve a lot for him when he died, I wept like i don't want everybody to live me, i knew love but i'm not aware. It was so depressing, But there was a time when i'm about to surrender I ask God a lot then i wish "Lord if you don't want me to surrender i want to see my ex - boyfriend's spirit but in a nice way that i will not be afraid" God granted it and in the monitor of my computer i saw a light and someone shows himself and i can't believe that it was my ex and wearing a white tuxedo, i weep and tell God "Thank you". I'm now ok but i still remember how much i love him and you know what i'm still praying for him. any advice? What shall i do? do i have to move on and forget him?
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