The rise in online dating?

@celestos (814)
United States
October 16, 2008 6:19am CST
I have noticed alot of people turning to online dating, people that I know personally.Do you think these types of relationships are healthy and can there be a real future to them? I think this type of dating is safe in some aspects and dangerous in others. What do you think?
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@BubblyIan (751)
16 Oct 08
I think the problem in a scattered and fearful society like ours is in meeting people who might become partners. If all contact in public is avoided, scared, forbidden or otherwise discouraged through the use of segregated trains/buses or businesses then how else are we supposed to meet? I think like any other method, it is only as good as the people on there. TThey are mostly men and hence the women have a problem of being swamped with requests. However, if they carefully filter the requests they have a good chance of finding someone without any basic features that they know would not work in the longer term. For men it is unlikely to be worthwhile, particularly if they are not handsome and are looking for someone who is in anyway different to themselves - height, weight, age, religion - aall these things would cause them to be rejected. Plus I object to the fact that women are often allowed on for free or a reduced charge - this is unfair. Why not try it, you have little to lose. The usual internet rules apply - remember people may not be what they appear! Have funa nd you never know....
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@celestos (814)
• United States
17 Oct 08
Thank you for such an awesome reply:)
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18 Oct 08
Yes - I can understand that. I used to be extremely shy. I saw a programme on TV which mentioned that one way to overcome shyness was to find an excuse to talk to anyone about anything. I started trying to make comments to people in the queue wherever I was and gradually over many years I managed to ovecome my shyness in general. However, I have never been able to walk up to a woman I thought was interesting and/or fancied to say hi so that is why I also tried the dating agencies and had the experience as mentioned above. I wish you all the best in your attempts - why not give details of your progress on here?
19 Oct 08
I hope you won't become the normal 'male jerk' or indeed continue to meet 'female jerks'. There should still be a declining number of nice girls and hopefully one day you will meet on. Please don't change to what you think women want - be yourself and wait for one woman that likes you as you are!