Teeth and Yeast Infections..

@Wyldrose (1216)
United States
October 16, 2008 8:47am CST
Ok, so I went back to the dentist yesterday in hopes he would pull my tooth. He numbed me, the whole bit. Then he came in to test my tooth, he tapped it and I still felt it after being numb. So now I have to go on yet another round of antibiotics. This makes my THIRD round of antibiotics!!!! ughhh I have had this absessed tooth for a little over three weeks now. It seems like longer, but I don't know. First thing I did was go through the ER so I could get some relief because my dental appointment was a week away. The ER doctor put me on antibiotics and pain pills. I went to my appointment, which was a dentist I didn't really know. He looked at my tooth and told me I needed to see an oral surgeon. WHAT??? Oral surgeons are expensive especially when you don't have any dental insurance. So I thought I would get a second opinion so I made an appointment with another dentist. This guy was really good. He explained everything to me and had good bedside manners, which the other dentist lacked. He said he could pull it but the absess was too bad and put me on another round of antibiotics. So yesterday when I went back, which was a week later, it still wasn't ready to be pulled according to him, sooooo here I am, on another round. Grrr.. I just want this tooth pulled so it will all be over with. Now, I find out that a lot of antibiotics can cause a yeast infection. Sheesh, that's all I need. So now I guess I need to start eating lots of yogurt to try to keep the yeast infection at bay. Have any of y'all been through this? I'm sure you've had a bad tooth at least once in your lives. Do you have any other home cures for yeast infections (in case I get one)? Boy, what a mess I'm in!!
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@jonesy123 (3950)
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16 Oct 08
I was on antibiotics for three weeks because of a severe sinus infection, not because of teeth. I had to take strong antibiotics, too. I did not get a yeast infection but could see how the bacteria could get out of wack to cause an infection. It just depends whether the harmful ones are stronger. Home remedies, no, I don't know any. Just worry about it when you get there. I hope at your next appointment your pain and worries will be over.
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@Wyldrose (1216)
• United States
12 Nov 08
Thank you. I appreciate your comment. End result was I never got a yeast infection. Yay..lucky me.. Thanks for responding and have a great day.