Psychic Radiatory Field

Psychic Radiatory field - Prtection Layer to our body
October 16, 2008 9:21am CST
What does it mean? For example, a telivision-transmitting tower sends out or radiates signals. In the same way, when you think of something, you radiate an energy field. This psychic radiatory field is also made up of mental, emotional an etheric substances. For example, a person may be angry with someone but because he radiates an energy field of anger, People around him are also affected. In the same manner, when you come in contact with a person who is happy, you also become happy. This is because the person radiates an energy field of happiness. When a person projects an energy field of devotion, you also become devotional-although both of you may be devotional towards two different "Gods". While you may be devotional to Christ, his devotion may directed towards krishna. So be Happy Always and think Good all the time to produce a Protective field around to eliminate all negative radiatory fields Please share ur opinions and coments on this discussion Thank You
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• Indonesia
5 Dec 09
from the picture you gave, it is called aura. human body doesn't just physical. there is energy body that surround it. and it has strong relationship with our mind, psychological, emotions, and even with the physical being itself. the aura itself contain informations about health, religiousity, emotions and as far as i know, the aura can be seen by kirlian photographic technique. there you see different colors of it, the majority color, the secondary colors, which can be analized by people who learnt it.
@Tom728 (176)
• United States
13 Oct 09
I believe that when the brain stimulates itself enough it can emit energy to others. Know as vibes, we are all connected it's just when that connection starts to effect us.