'Joe the Plumber'

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October 16, 2008 9:24am CST
For those who watched the debate last night. Did the Joe the Plumber thing get on your nerves? I got tired of it really quick. Candidates referred to Joe Wurzelbacher a collective 26 times during debate.Sen. McCain used Wurzelbacher to attack Obama's plan to "spread the wealth".Obama says tax plan allows families to patronize businesses like Wurzelbacher's. Sen. Obama met "Joe the Plumber" at a campaign event in Ohio on Sunday. http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/10/16/joe.plumber/index.html
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16 Oct 08
I think it was a very good point that McCain originally brought up. It showed that Obama is not so much for the middle class as people think. However, it was weird that Obama jumped in there to discuss and talk to Joe the Plumber, too. I realize he HAD to, it was just weird since Joe's point was that Obama would raise his taxes to where he couldn't afford to hire anyone. People don't realize if the small businesses are so taxed, then they cannot afford to hire workers. People don't realize that if the big companies that are so rich are taxed even more than the 35% they are taxed now, more of them will go overseas where it is cheaper for them to operate. that is McCain's point, and it is a fair, reasonable, true point. Why do you think that big companies move overseas -- because it is a cheaper and easier environment for them to operate. If we do not make the US a more reasonable environment for bug business (or small) then pretty soon we won't have any jobs!
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16 Oct 08
Here is the yahoo link. I think Joe made some great comments http://cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/player/popup/?cl=10234011 He asks that question Obama doesn't answer tho - why should one have to pay more taxes just because they work harder to make more money? kind of like the government telling you how hard you can work. Granted, most of us are under the $250k cap so it doesn't really matter, but still.. I'd say instead of not raising taxes on us under the $250k, why not LOWER taxes on us? I get a sneaky feeling that once he is in office, like Joe said, what's to keep him from lowering that cap - of course there will be a reason he gives, but at the same time - just cause he said it to get elected, doesn't mean he will keep it as is. Not against Obama specificaly or any other president, just a matter of fact that could happen. And what would it cost him? He is in for four years - only might cost if he runs again, but he is in, he can do what he wants and can't be impeached if he breaks a promise like this. So why not say it and then lower it? Then he can say he is using that money from the tax increase of over $150k (instead of over $250k) to put towards the deficit and then say he paid off the deficit - elect me again. And again, not against any politician so don't blast me with pro/con Obama but since it is his promise... I think more should be taxed on huge companies and business's - the little guys that are making that ton of money for them are the ones making the "under $250k" so why should that company flurish at cause they have low paid employees doing all the work!