When was the last time you cried?

October 16, 2008 9:42am CST
Yes now its time to think in reverse direction. Just toggle your memory to find out when was the last time you cried? And why did you cry? Everybody must have cried at some point or another of your life. Sometimes crying relieves your pain. Crying also has its own positive and negative effects. We laugh everyday but seldom we cry. I cried last time when my dream broke into pieces and the one who broked them was myself. Its a long story and i don't want to mention it here.
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• Philippines
19 Oct 08
Hmm i guess when me and my girlfriend broke up. I know its not bad to cry if your a guy and it doesnt mean youre weak. But after all my crying is done it eases the pain that i felt.
• Singapore
16 Oct 08
It must have been two days ago. I was upset by my hubby's behavior. When he asked me why I looked that way, I told him what he needed to know. As such, we have dealt with some communication problems we have between us, which keeps cropping up for some time. I cry sometimes when I get too emotional. It happens rather frequently I must say.
16 Oct 08
Hmmm ,I seldom cry now ... may be this is called about grow up and mature ... Beacuse we will deeply hide ourselves so as to abandon some problems or things which is harmful to us . So ,we will never cry in front of a people or even ourselves ... I remembered i cried last time for years ago and can not remember the exact time of it ... I always told myself that nothing need to cry and try my best to solve the problem ,so be more stronger ... Take care and hope everybody happy always and never cry ...
@Ravenladyj (22937)
• United States
16 Oct 08
Last time I cried was last Saturday night and well into Sunday..Why? becuase my bf did somethingn very stupid and dangerous, I found out about it and got extremely upset...Before that though I really dont know when the last time was