show'em you love'em with a twist

United States
October 16, 2008 10:57pm CST
i like to come up with new ways to show my fiance I love him. I am running out of unique ideas. I will share some of mine, I hope someone will have another to help me out. thanks *all my stories say him but can easily be for a girl* A) SHOWER HIM WITH KISSES Leave a note on the outside of the door that says something like "i love you so much I want to 'shower you with kisses'". Then have hershy kisses hanging from the cieling ll around the room. B) Treasure Hunt Get local stores or people/places you often visit to hold clues for you and send him on a common errand where someone will be waiting to give him the first clue. You can be at the end of the treasure hunt or for added funhave the first stop be a treasure map with a big red X at the end. C) In my heart Cover a bathroom, closet, pantry (any small room with semi-flat walls) with foil. tell him you have to show him what is in your heart or leave anote to this effect on the door. When he goes inside the room he will only see himself. You can even get a key for the room and give him the "key to your heart". D) Bathtime notes get some of the car window paint markers and write a note on the shower or tub walls. This is fun and washes easily. Can any one give me a new idea?
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