well you open it?

October 17, 2008 12:16am CST
ok when you see something that says "do not open!" will you open it? well honestly i will may be because i am born curious on things. i always want to know. that why i end up getting trouble sometimes... you know just like almost loosing your head on something.chasing by someone who's very mad. intimidated by powerful people. you things just like that. so what about you tell me your story if you open the pandora's box... what happend?
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@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
17 Oct 08
haha.. I just responded to a similiar discussion 3 days ago, and it's almost the same.. lol Well, i will not open it when it's stated there, do not open.. ANd i will forget about it soon.. But if i were to see it again, i will be sure to open it this time, because the curiousity in me is building up now.. lol =D PLus, if it's left unopened for a few days, it means that everybody is scared and that they believe something is in there.. So all the more, i will wanna open it up to see what is it inside that makes it so mysterious.. lol
@sandymay16 (1619)
• Philippines
17 Oct 08
Curiousity kills the cat. Hmmm I don't open things that aren't mine to open. But sometimes I always think why does it says do not open? I just forget all about it and maybe for many hours or days someone got to open it first. I dare not open things anymore because I've been there once and yeah got into trouble.
@klaudine (3652)
• Indonesia
17 Oct 08
I am not a curious person. Not at all. If I found a box with the "Don't Open" notification I won't open it. Even if it is the box with the "Surprise, open it!" but there is nothing saying whose box it is, I won't open it anyway. I would let it go and never think about the box again after an hour. For some people it would considered as an ignorance but for me it is a bliss. LOL. Ignorance is a bliss.... LOL