Have you ever accidently made fun of someones accent

United States
October 17, 2008 1:17am CST
I did yesterday. I was asking this Mexican guy how much the flowers he was holding cost. He said "is a 5 doller" I said "a doller" he said "no five dolla" I said "Oh I don't think i have that much" he says "no 5 doller?" I said (accidently) "no, i no have 5 doller" I felt kinda bad, luckly I dont think he heard it.
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@mojcica (1512)
• Slovenia
17 Oct 08
Oh it is a bit embaraccing but if he'd heared you you could just turn it into a joke, tap him on the shoulder and laugh, making it look you did it for purpose and came up with a quicck storry how you love zhis accent cause one you your boy/gilrfriends talked like this ;)
• United States
17 Oct 08
I felt really bad, luckily I dont think I'll be seeing him afain any time soon (he was at a restraunt far from me that i never go to)
• India
2 Mar 09
i found accidemtally some one talking about mine,he is talking about me i don't know what he is saying to that another person
@rymebristol (1788)
• Philippines
17 Oct 08
i do.. make of funny or out of this world accent. especially hearing native people who try to speak English or even plain tagalog. i can't help it but to laugh at them. not actually showing it. but hearing them on TV, really it's a laughing out loud manner.