How does coffee affect your body? Is this normal for me?

United States
October 17, 2008 3:13am CST
Recently I stumbled upon a coffee post and wondered about myself. I very rarely drink coffee- maybe once a month. There are few times where I would get into a coffee phase like "drinking coffee for 2 days...then just stopping" -because my body can never get addicted to anything it is very strange. Whenever I drink coffee, it does the opposite to me. Instead of being energetic and awaken- I suddenly get drowsy and want to sleep after I have my dose of caffeine. I asked some of my friends why. They say some people who have done drugs, etc- it only happens to them but I'm not into that stuff really. Is there a reason why I get sleepy after drinking coffee? Hmm.. I'd like to know how other people react to caffeine.
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@quawertz (781)
• Philippines
17 Oct 08
We have the same situation whenever I drink coffee. That's why i try to drink it when I am studying back in college. I also have the same effect with energy drinks like redbull. After drinking caffeinated drinks I fell like I am so drained out. These things don't work for me. :D