hubby is sick

October 17, 2008 4:55am CST
my hubby started feeling that his energy is waning last sunday night. then monday, he was still okay. when tuesday afternoon came, we went swimming, he already felt headache developing. then after dinner, he had fever. i tried to make him comfortable and did things so that hi temperature will drop. it did. he slept. i didn't know, he woke up to take pain reliever because of a throbbing headache. it was pretty bad i think, because he doesn't take medicines for mild headaches. maybe he raelly couldn't take it. the next day, he still felt ill. he didn't go to work. he still had the mild headache. when evening came, we went to sleep. but he had to wake up in the middle of the night to take another pill. when thursday came, no more fever, still the mild headache, but he developed rashes all over his body. when nightime came, he suddenly felt ill and had another terrible headache. so he went to sleep after taking meds. the doctor said it is probably viral, but she is not sure. we are now sleeping in separate bedrooms because i am pregnant, so the doctor advised me to stay away. i really feel bad for my hubby. he is really worried about the baby and me. he is already working today, but he is still feeling the mild pain on top of his head. i really wonder what is causing this, because he seldom gets headaches. sigh... anyway, gotta go, please remember us in your prayers. take care all and God bless you! :-)
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• China
17 Oct 08
Hi,don't worry too much,our community has well-developed medical nowadays,your husband will be ok!In addition ,people can't in a good mood and health all the time,there is an old saying in china that:minor illnesses constantly,do not make ,sometimes,a little trouble will make ourselves more strong.Taking care of youself and don't too worry,be in a good mood will helpful to your baby and your husband. happy everyday and hope your husband recovery soon!
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@ronaldinu (12440)
• Malta
17 Oct 08
I will keep you in my prayers. Having a viral infection at this time of the year seems to be a common thing. Hopefully it will be over soon. Remember to keep the rooms well ventilated, open a window so that fresh air can come in.
@checapricorn (16066)
• United States
17 Oct 08
[i]Hi spoiled, I hope he feels better now, maybe it's just because of the weather or some allergy, anyway, whatever it is, I hope the pills he is taking will hit it and he will be totally fine! [/i]
@subha12 (18453)
• India
17 Oct 08
Do not worry too much. else you will be doing harm to yourself. i guess its nothing serious. also if possible contact another doctor to be sure what is the actual problem