How do you overcome phobias?

October 17, 2008 9:06am CST
Phobia means fear. Different people have different fears-like fear of heights, public, animals, insects etc. But I guess, all of us has its own ways on how to overcome our fears. can you share your fears and how you handle these fears?
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17 Oct 08
Hi jho_anne2426, I have a phobia of snakes and I couldn't even look ar a picture of one or when they are shown on TV I had to look away. My friend used to have a snake and I went round to her house but wouldn't go any near the cage, she decided to put her hands to the snake to stroke it, I nearly ran out of her house but instead I went towwards the snake and found myself touching it, I stroke the snake and it was lovely and soft, so now I am not so scared of a snake.,Just One is ok. Tamara