An Ethics Question

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October 17, 2008 11:39am CST
Ok, so I'm just starting to get into the coupon thing, well I spotted my first big deal, but not sure If I should take the FULLEST advantage of it.... heres why Walgreens is giving out coupons in their weekly saver thingy, for 39 cents off 1.4 - 2.0 oz candy bars, well, Walmart is selling them 3 for a dollar right now, and I believe our walmart still accepts competitor coupons, so basically I would get the candy bar free at walmart, now each coupon allows you to get 6 candy bars, and I can use multiple coupons, so I could get 50 of them, without the concern of where I would get the coupons (I have that figured out :P) I would get 300 candy bars. that is close to 16 pounds of chocolate... for free... Of course this is a great deal, but at the end of the month day week w/e they will realize that they got 50 coupons giving away 100 dollars worth of merchandise they will get NO reimbursement for... and thus they MIGHT cancel the valueing of competitor coupons, because its not a corporate practice. its a choice. which would not just harm me in the long run but I should be moving soon anyway, so it probably wouldnt hurt me but help me. but it WOULD hurt the other people who do that on a smaller scale and are just good at it... So the question is should I run the risk of hurting complete strangers for years to come, in exchange for 16 pounds of free chocolate, or should I seriously scale back my goal? or what should I do? Opinions?
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17 Oct 08
Hi LilPixelle. I think these days everyone should take advantage of saving money by using coupons. But, I feel that we should only take advantage of coupons for products that we are someone we know can use. I personally do not agree with Wal-Mart for matching other companies sale prices or accepting their coupons. I believe that is greed on their part and not something they do to save their customer's money. Every store runs specials and offers savings coupons in order to bring customer's into their place of business. And when potential customer's take those sales papers and coupons into Wal-Mart and spend that money with Wal-Mart instead it hurts the initial business. Wal-Mart is trying to put those businesses out of business which in turn causes people to lose jobs. Hope that makes sense. So, I guess what I am saying is you should happily use the coupons but at Walgreens. You would still be getting a great deal! Happy MyLotting!