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October 17, 2008 2:21pm CST
Most of of mother in the Philippines work abroud its either a all around nanny or a caregiver in home for the aged. A all around nanny is really a hard, some of the nannys doesnt have an overtime pay and forced to work till midnight and up early. They doing it because they need to support their family back in the philippines, away from their love ones. Sacrifise everything and cry all the time. Or you just stay home with your family , just have enought money for every thing but no money for their education which one you can do...for the sake of family?
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• Philippines
22 Oct 08
hi macneill. i'll rather choose to stay here in the philippines, and work double to earn money. i can have sidelines, sell something, have a little business. so i can earn much to have a little savings. its hard to be away from your child. the child might grow up in a not really nice way. dont want to take that risk. take care.
@g3n3j0rd (721)
• Philippines
17 Oct 08
That's the sad predicament for mothers anywhere else in the world. Mothers should be with their children to guide them as they grow up. There are free education from Kinder to High school in the Philippines and so, education should not be the reason for mother's to be working abroad. There are lots of scholarship in college or one could be a working student in or outside the university. It's better if the family could stay together for we only live once in this world and we should enjoy every minute of it being together with our family especially with the growing up children. Cheers!