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October 18, 2008 3:24am CST
My company doesn't have a formal difference between software engineer, senior software engineer, staff engineer, whatever. We all are software engineers, even if some of us have quite senior positions, lead projects, etc. We are allowed to put anything on our business cards, however. That makes me to think of a new title for myself as a project lead. Any thoughts of a cool one? What would you chose as your title, given a choice? Please be reasonable, President will not work, probably :)
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• Malaysia
18 Oct 08
hi cooldude, my company has similar policies too ... But this does not happen in the "international chain" of companies that often as they follow "Standard Operating Procedures" We have positions/jobs created just to keep some senior staff happy .. This is sometimes good especially to the seniors when they are very loyal to that company and their superior are also loyal the staff does not have any opportunity in carrer advancement unless the superior leaves ... If you are decision maker "Senior Software Engineer " is ok otherwise just maintain "Software Engineer" Cheers
• Malaysia
18 Oct 08
I am not thinking of the common title. Putting "Senior Software Engineer" or "Project Lead" on your business card sound so, well.. so common! I was thinking like this: Zack Bresci (not my real name =P ) The Verbose (my job title) Some of my friends have titles like, The Genius, Evangelist, etc. So I am thinking of a cool one for myself as well. =P
@kaka135 (14065)
• Malaysia
28 Nov 08
I always like the title "Project Manager", this is where I'm pursuing. But same here, in my company, everyone is called "Software Engineer", no matter you are a senior or not. As for myself, I always like to address myself as software developer, I don't know why, I'm just thinking "Software Developer" suits me better, as I am developing softwares.
@wrangel15 (1443)
• Philippines
27 Oct 08
In IT, some of the common titles are senior software engineer, software engineer, software developer, software architect, etc. In my company, there are internal titles such as junior software and mid-level software engineer which are used only to differentiate the salary for each software engineer. It is not used outside the company. I would suggest that you use the common title. By doing that, other people who can read your title on your business card knows about your work already without having to ask somebody what does it mean upon reading it. Just choose the title that is nearest to your real job :)