Y r girls so unpredictable???

October 18, 2008 4:36am CST
i don't think i need to explain in this question.if you have a girl in your friends group, then you will have faced problems with this. so come on share your views.nothing personal in this, a one liner cause we are predictable and if we really give the subject an after thought it does seem to be right.
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• India
18 Oct 08
hi If i ask you why are guys always fail to predict a girl? In fact, the main problem is the communication. Both the guys and girls are responsible to build up a good level of communication to make each other predictable. Above all, remember human beings are the most unpredictable. The gene, I guess, makes human being to be predictable. You can predict that a tiger will always eat meat. But you can't even predict what will you like to eat just tomorrow. So it's not only the girls, all of us a bit unpredictable in some senses.
18 Oct 08
Girls are the biggest question of God. after making them god is also thinking that what i have made. they are unpredictable because they even don't know what they are going to do. they just want everybody to appreciate them.