Would you choose your dog over your lover or friend

United States
October 18, 2008 5:22am CST
Honestly, if I had to choose between the man I love and my dog, I would be thinking for a looooooong time.
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@xcammiex (272)
• United States
24 Oct 08
I'd choose my dog in a heartbeat if I had both. A dog's love is unconditional. A human's, no matter how much we say otherwise, is not.
@xzg555898 (210)
• China
18 Oct 08
I had no pets,so i never met this situation .But i think if i had any pets that my lover or my friend do not like.I must know the reason.Then i will give a reasonable choice.If he jush had a phobia with dog,i would not bring my dog when we are together.If i had a dog, and she didnot like dogs,maybe she couldnot be my girlfriend.
@Khushi309 (139)
• India
18 Oct 08
sooo so so true. but truly, your dog is the closest person to you. who do you talk to (even if it seems silly) when you're angry, happy about something, fighting with your boyfriend, etc. your friends are there, but what if they are not. they might be busy, out of town, not talking to you, etc, but your dog will always have time for you. if i had to choose between friends/boyfriend and my dog, i would be put into serious conflict, but i think i would lean more towards my dog. and to help you choose, just look into the innocent, loyal, and so damned engaging eyes of your dog. i bet you would do anything for your dog, once you look into those eyes, because you would know that your dog would do anything for you. in its limited capabilities, of course... happy My Lotting
• United States
18 Oct 08
No, but my dog would come in as a close 2nd..............
@mojcica (1512)
• Slovenia
18 Oct 08
The man who loves you would never ask you to give up your dog. Its just the way to manipulate with you and to see how far he can go. if something like that happend to me I would seriously consider if I want to be with the person who would intentionly hurt me by asking me to give up something or someone I love.