Sleep deprivation

October 18, 2008 7:03am CST
I have been giving a great deal of thought to those world leaders that are constantly trying to solve the financial crises that the world has been enduring lately,and how they seem to be up at all hours of the night and day.How do they cope?surely the sleep deprivation lowers there resistance and impairs there judgement?They say that there are many people in high places,high managerial,high profile jobs that will have only around four hours sleep a night.Now if I was to noyl have that amount of sleep my body would be unable to cope with the stresses and the strains of everyday life.My abilities to make decisions would wane,and I am sure that my resistance to infection and illness would be lowered substantially.I need a good eight hours sleep in order to function properly,my body and mind demand that amount.Do you feel that you are on top form if you have had little sleep?and would you be capable of making life changing decisions if you were feeling exhausted?
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• India
18 Oct 08
Hi You are absolutely right. Their decision making capabilities must wane. In fact, if you analyse, the financial crisis is due to that fact only - lack of a good sleep. After all leaders are human being like us. They are just burnt out. All the so called 'highly comepitive market' is nothing but a breeding machine of diseases by putting a person under unusal stress and tension.
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18 Oct 08
I am sure there will be a reply that will say exactly the opposite and that the brain function is in no way diminished by deprivation of sleep.But I just look at some of the worlds leaders and you can tell how tired they are,the continual stresses and strains are etched on their faces