People that have passed thru my life

United States
October 18, 2008 9:26am CST
How many people that have passed thru your life that left an impression either good or bad. I had one that comes to mind. he was always showing up. when thing were going good with him, we never saw him but let things go bad, and he was always having things go bad, he would make bad choices and lose everything, then he would come crying. We have fed him, helped him get a car and gave him a job, but he would always think people was taking advantage of him. Nothing that happened to him was his fault according to him. He has finally got to retirement age and getting his social security and is taking care of himself, and I hope he continues too. He had bad things happen but I'm not sure he wasn't the cause, when he had money he lived the good life and never thought about tomorrow, but then he would lose it. How many have had people like this in your life?
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@donn_juan (325)
• Philippines
18 Oct 08
i lost count..but the most that stood out are those that caused me pain and made me mad..they changed me. made me a stronger person.. on the positive note, i have only one in mind. my husband - he made me a better person and still makes me want to strive to be a lot better as a person.;o)