What do you think about the current battery technology li-ion should we go for a

October 18, 2008 9:35am CST
It is quite common that laptop batteries are costly and they do not last long enough , I purchased anew laptop a year ago , but now the battery is already waek and needs replacement , it only lasts for 30minutes exactle after one year , and a new battery is very costly. so post your comments on this subject THE PROMISING NEW TECHNOLOGY IS THE FUEL CELL, already manufacturers has tested a methanol fuel cell which lasts for 10 hours on a capsule of methanol , that is interesting, but it is very costly to manufacture such cells , the catalyst contains platinum which is costly, comment on the above
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• India
16 Dec 08
yeh well they need to b re-calibrated u do this by usign hte whole battery and then filling it up again! btu u need to do this from the start if u want it to work longer but they are makin new technologies which work faster happy lotting and have a nice day