Can you still stay in love with the same person until you are ninety or more?

October 18, 2008 10:30am CST
And not just love.. i mean, crazy in love.. like still wanting to be with him all the time.. or the butterflies in the stomach when he does something sweet.. can we still feel those kind of love until we grow old? Many people say that the one you should marry is the one you can live with for a long time and not just someone you love because love will always fade away. Is this true?
3 responses
@kirubin (47)
• Philippines
20 Oct 08
the level/intensity will lessen but the love will still be there.
@dodo19 (33608)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
20 Oct 08
I'd like to think that two people can be in love and remain in love from the time they marry until they die. I think it is very possible.
@Crocket (315)
• Canada
18 Oct 08
I feel as though we go through so many loves in our lives that it is really hard to be totally in love with the same person for that length of time. No one stays in love with the same person twenty-four-seven. If we did our lives would or could get quite boring. We go in and out of love with the person we are with as we meet new people and find out what they are all about also. Myself, I find that I am still extremely in love with all of the mates that I have had in my life and will also find a new mate to be with and share our own experiences as when two become one. Crocket