Advanced question relation to wireless connection

October 18, 2008 10:40am CST
Hi...I have two laptops(both compaq models) and both are wireless supports a,b,g networks and the other supports only b and g networks. When I connect then both in the ad-hoc mode, I get a very weak signal(it shows low signal even when they both are in the same room 5m apart) and when I shift one of the laptops to another room it disconnects. Both the laptops have the latest drivers for the wireless network adapters. One's OS is XP while the other has Vista. They both used to work fine with other computers. What can be the problem?? Please help...
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19 Oct 08
Hi, Are you trying to connect the two laptops together, or link them individually to a wireless router and the internet? There can be many reasons for poor signal. Other wireless devices nearby such as TV senders, CCTV or other wireless networks. If those nearby are higher quality and emitting a stronger signal it can interrupt weaker ones. Have you tried changing the channel via which you connect? Often the wireless utilities provide the option to change the channel. Most users leave it on the default channel, thus increasing the chance they will clash. Another issue is that some laptop ranges (Compaq included) have substandard wireless components. I've taken a usb wireless adaptor to client sites in the past and found they get a far better signal than the built-in ones. All the best
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19 Oct 08
I'm trying to connect the laptops together and not through a router....I don't think the reason is interference coz I don't have any other wireless device in the room...also about the substandard thing you said I would like to point out that previously they both used to work well(not together though hadn't tried it until now)...maybe changing the channel can help...can you tell me how to do that..
22 Oct 08
Ah its usually the router software that provides you with an offline webpage through which to change the channel. The interference issue is not just limited to your own belongings, unless your house is completely separate to others nearby. If you are in a block of flats, or adjoined to your neighbours house, the wireless range can stretch to their contents too. When you say they used to work in other machines, are you referring to wireless adaptors (PCMCIA cards) or that the 2 laptops have connected to other pc/laptop in the past?