Horrifying dreams every night

United States
October 18, 2008 11:13am CST
Almost everynight, I have the most horrifying dreams. They are based on fear and destruction. This is why I havn't been watch scary movies for two years to try to rid of these dreams. Sometimes I wake up, frightened and scared to go back to bed at night so I stay up until I forget about my dream which is really hard to do because I will keep replaying it in my mind to see what my dream is telling me. The dreams I have are about "The End of the World". For example last night I dreamed that there were sick, mutilated green people crawling on the floor- crawling after all the people who were healthy. Then scientists put a chip in my forhead, and both right and left hand- I realized I was marked with the devil. Another one I had that I still remember, was the same. A guy walked down the street and another man snapped his head to the right-seeing this guy. And he blew fire through his mouth and torched the guy. He then proceeded to eat the remains of the mans guts and heart..Then volcanos exploded and people were running for their lives. Anyone else have these sort of dreams?
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