the one thing you would change about your personality

October 18, 2008 11:24am CST
we all have something we would like to change about ourselves how we look, the way we treat or mistreat the people we know we might want be more confident, it is not hard to think your perfect and its the people around you that need to change but when it comes down to it we all have little things that we do that other people don't like so what would you change? for me, it has to be my grumpiness, i am very easily annoyed by the smallest of things
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@arcidy (5016)
• United States
18 Oct 08
I would deffintley change me being so shy. I am a shy person its hard for me to go up to a person and talk to them. But I am more comfortible talking to a person if they start talking to me which is how I made most of my friends I dont mind talking to someone if there talking about something I like like wrestling or videogames which I hardly get anymore.
• Ireland
18 Oct 08
hi and thank you for your post i am not shy.... so i want to give you a tip new people are not scary, they don't bite 80) yes i know, you do know this already but stay with me for a second ok if you have trouble starting a chat with someone you don't know, i think (i'm no expert by the way) that you have a kind of fear of rejection - you know what i mean "what if they don't like me" there are different ways to overcome this one is to observe your friends and see how they get into a chat with people another is to practice - at bus stops, in waiting lines, at the bar , where ever you see someone just hanging around close to you - whats the worst that can happen? a strange look, they say get lost, why care? you don't know this person but they could be your next best friend or not ok maybe i should add arrogant to my list hehe my point is i can talk to ANYONE simply 'cause if they cannot reply kindly to "hello" i dont want to be around them anyway confidence is key when you meet new people but dont over do it meeting people is like anything else you get better the more you try
@CJay77 (4441)
• Australia
18 Oct 08
Hi Michael! I am a shy person and I wanted to change that, I meant I still want to be shy but I want to have a confidence in everything! If I'm in a party I'm so shy to talk to anybody and just sit in the corner alone. And I also wanted to change myself from being whinger! LOL.
18 Oct 08
well theres a lot of things cause all this is how i lost my ex who i love loads and mean everything to me. i dont want to be so argumentative and jealous :( but i dont know how, thats how ive always been and i dont mean to do it ....but thats who i am and i can't change everything about me.