Great Wall at Badaling

October 19, 2008 2:33am CST
The Great Wall at Badaling is approximate 70km north of the modern city of Beijing.Since 1957,Badaling has reveived an estimated 130 million tourtists. Badaling is an ancient millitary defense post with may interesting historical sites in its vicinity.The wall of Badaling is appromixately 3741m long an average of 8m high.The top of the Wall offers panoramic views of the region.Inancient times,it was strategically and optimal defence post.
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• China
19 Oct 08
I am not come to Bejing neither the Great Wall.The Great Wall come from the east sea of China,to Jiayuguan.It is 2,000 kilometre long,but only in Bingjing is be preserved,One day I will go to look The Great Wall!