Do you own an iPhone 3G? What's the best feature you love about it?

October 19, 2008 2:53am CST
Yep..' I own one..' It'z simply fabulous..' The Best feature I like bout' it is the App Store..' It's like a place ov' Unending Possibilities'.. There are so many great apps on the iPhone platform now..' That there are even more reasons' why to have one..' Me' being in India..' it Cost me 4 timez' the actual Price ov' the iPhone in the US..' But well..' i think Finally..' it'z worth the buy..' iPhone Rocks'.. How're your thoughts...? Which feature is your favourite..' Do you own one..? :)
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@Docdocdee (123)
• Philippines
22 Nov 08
i love the capacitive multi-touch display, very well made. and what i like in iPhone is the very smooth transitions effects. from browsing pictures, browsing the internet and a lot more. just update to 2.2 and all the lags will gone. but still Safari is buggy and will always be.just joking .yeah the games, my favorite
• India
23 Nov 08
So there' i hav a real answer from an iPhone owner..' the answer makez it feel so..' So dude..' how'z the iPhone goin..' Any Superkewl app you like..? thnx 4 commentin ;)
@maru_047in (1007)
• India
23 Oct 08
yes i have a plan to own one and i know what is the quality and the features that an apple product has strictly speaking i am one of the biggest fan of apple products and especially iphone which has come recently to indian market. i am eager to purchase one but is quite costly in indian market i wish the rate to come down. Thanks Maru
• India
24 Oct 08
Yep i know..' The rates are high...' But well...' Me really too Fond bout iPhone..' iMPossible to wait 4 the price fall..' So bought it right away..' Juz 2 dayz afta Launch...' here in Lucknow UP..' So well..' Which otha' apple products Do u own..'? n ya..' Thankz 4 Replyin.'
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• Romania
19 Oct 08
Hello Animation Maniac It was a time when I wanted the latest mobile phone but I realized that the purpose of a mobile phone is to call and receive calls not to send messages or take pictures. I prefer to call some one than to send him/her a message and if I want to take pictures I buy a camera that can take excellent photos and there so small now. Maybe I'm old fashion how knows. If you want a iPhone that it great but it isn't for me. Take care and have a great day ScarFace
• India
19 Oct 08
Well..' Bro..' Fact remainz' that a Mobilefone's purpose is to Call..' And it still is..' But what the iPhone is..' it's not really just a Phone..' It's like a revolutionary device..' Which can work as all the Gadgets for you..' being jus one n tiny...' It has internet..' Computing..' n Music.. N videos.. even Photo editing.. n etc...' So it acts like your Mini Computer..' n YEP..' iPhone's not for everyone..' It's for the select few who really are Geeky..' N love technology.. n Gadgets...' For those with the Work priority.. Ofcourse iPhone is' a bit kinda' creepy...':) So well thankz for replyin..'