pot: how much is too much?

United States
October 19, 2008 2:26pm CST
I'm not a pothead or anything, but with so many kids at my highschool smoking every week etc, I was just thinking about how much pot is too much, and how much is all right. For those of us who enjoy it as a social activity, its easy to limit ourselves, but if you enjoy smoking period, even if you're just alone in your room, it's easy to smoke way too much. So how much do you think is too much, in terms of health and life in general?
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@hellcord (675)
• Romania
20 Oct 08
Very inexperienced with pot, I only smoked a few times, one of which I believe was too much :D If your head hurts, if you're dizzy in a bad way, if you feel wery weird (again in a bad way) the next day, then I would say it was probably too much. My advice: go easy. start small, and increase dosage gradually, and over several highs you should figure out what is best for you. You don't have to smoke the whole forest on the same night :D