Abroad studying guidance!

October 19, 2008 3:13pm CST
Hey all, I'm currently in 12th grade, and I want to major in computer programming, like studying and programming using languages like C++, java and whatever, and I like both website programming and making programs and softwares. I wannah what is the best darn college out there that has relevant courses O.o one(s) that doesn't cost too much to study in. China used to be my primary target until I found out that the awesome technology college that I was seriously thinking about enrolling in only has its' majors in Chinese (what's the use of studying programming in chinese?! Other than that I'll have to translate for myself everything that I study so I'd know what's going on when I wannah program in English, I also won't 'live' there for the rest of my life to study in that language _) knowing that seriously crushed my anticipation and motivation ww
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