@blogs86 (370)
October 19, 2008 7:03pm CST
is there any verse in the Bible that talks about global warming or anything that predicts global warming..well not exactly the word..anything in the Bible that takls about global warming..
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@mykmari_08 (2466)
• Philippines
25 Oct 08
Well even if I'm not an Einstein, I can see this serious matter on a small-scale scenario. For one and on a personal note, I used to always need a blanket each time I take a nap during midday or sleep at night. And mind you, not just any type of blanket but a thick one to be exact; even if it's not a cool day or even if the fan is switched off. And my parents and siblings know this habit of mine very well. But ever since the climate has drastically warmed up, I almost consider a blanket very useless; to the point of thinking that wearing skimpy clothes at night are necessary. Another personal observation, I used to have no problems with my skin. I know for a fact that all people get old and same is true with our skin; but even if I go the extra mile now to care for my skin, these agents seem to have no positive effect with the skin anymore. Plus, there are more and more skin problems arising nowadays. And I feel that global warming is one of the culprits here. Like almost everyone here on this planet, I am very worried about the effects of this matter, not only now but also for the future aftermaths if this won't be resolved earlier. I've been a busy head these past several years just like a lot of other people are; but I still haven't checked the Holy Scriptures yet regarding this phenomenon. Naturally, I am fascinated by teachings written on the Bible; especially the warnings to the world on the book of Revelation. I really think the world has severely damaged the wonderful place given by God and this is the karma or the wrath we all have to endure and solve or reverse.
@capirani (1841)
• United States
20 Oct 08
I don't know if there is specifically, but some of the predicted conditions in the end times might be results of global warming. The increase of insects, animals becoming more vicious, etc. You would have to go through the book of Revelation and the other prophecy books such as Ezekiel and Isaiah to see if anything looks like it could be a result of global warming. Also signs in the sky, sun and moon. There are definitely predictions of nuclear holocaust as well as other things that could not have even been possible until now.
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• United States
28 Oct 08
There is nothing in the bible that refers to man-made global warming. there are a number of major global disasters described in revelation including one that implies a form of global warming though it occurs after events that would result in global cooling. Revelation 6:12-17 describe a meteor storm combined with a great earthquake a darkening of the skies which, form a scientific view, could easily bu caused by dust and smoke clouds forming as a result of the meteor strikes and tectonic activity. While experience shows us that this would not be the classic "nuclear winter" scenario the evidence of other volcanic eruptions and the problems from the oil well fires in Iraq indicate this would cause a temporary drop in temps of up to 10 or mor degrees below the norms. Revelations 8:1-6 show another similar event on a smaller scale followed by two massive meteor strikes(the bible describes them as mountain size or larger depending on translation.)in verses 7-11 and ending in a period of heavily reduced light(sun, stars and moon) that would also result in cooling do to less solar heating falling on the earth as described in verses 12&13 Revelation 16:8,9 & 12 describe a major warming of the sun resulting in scorching heat that burns men and ending with the drying up of the Euphrates river thorough enough that an army will be able to walk across the dry riverbed.