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October 19, 2008 11:38pm CST
What do you with small kids if your husband travels very often? like for example, 10 days a month. My husband travels a lot now a days and with my twins i am finding it difficult to manage my girls'
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28 Oct 08
I want to say first my husband did not travel but he was not an active parent in raising our children. I had the soul responsiblity of raising our children. I did not have twins so I did not have it as tough as you. I had a girl and a boy they are three years apart. I found spending time with them by playing with them helped me and them. We did a lot of pretending of going to the market and buying things. We would go outside and play on the swing set. I would not get on the set but I would hang clothes on the line while they where on the swing set. WE cooked together. We made simple cookies and they helped pick out what they wanted for dinner. I found that if I let them pick a vegetable out they would eat it. I did not care if we had two vegetables for dinner. I would take them for walks and we would look around and talk about the neighborhood, the differences in the houses, I would pretend to be lost and make the kids tell me how to get home. When we went to the market I would read the labels to them or have them look for what we need. I would make them stay with me but when we would go down the isles we would all look for all the item I needed. I was lonely a lot so the kids helped me not get so lonely as much as they needed the interaction. My husband did not know what the house would be when he came in sometimes it was a dance hall. We would have our favorite music going and we would be dancing in the kitchen. Other times we would be quiet and reading our library books. We are still close, even now and they are 30 and 27. Good luck
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• India
28 Oct 08
Thats so cute..I feel good for you and the way you are completely involved in rising your kids...Hatts off to you....Mothers are always the best..isnt it.
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2 Nov 08
Thanks elfsone I wish I could have done more for them. They are 30 and 27 and our son's girlfriend is expecting their first child. I hope I raised him well enough to be a good dad.