Going to university? Is the debt worth while?

October 20, 2008 6:41am CST
Hi, I'm looking to go to university to be a primary school teacher next year. The trouble is, there are so many to look at and each one says that it is the best for every thing. I find it so hard to choose! Also, i want to have a career in teaching and have always wanted to do this. I'm just not sure whether or not going to university is worth getting into debt or not? What do you think?
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@smacksman (6074)
20 Oct 08
I would contact experienced teachers in your chosen subject and ask them what degree carries more 'weight'. Head teachers would be happy to give advice I am sure. In England, a degree from Oxford or Cambridge University is respected far more than one from other universities, but then there is a 'league table' for all the other universities as well. In the UK it is well worth the cost of the fees to get a degree and a good job but it takes hard work whichever course you take. Good luck.