savings have become so difficult task nowadays.............

October 20, 2008 9:34am CST
i feel that the prices of all items is really incresing nowadays and it has become so difficult to save money. if i go out anywhere i find so many things which i feel like buying it but it is really becoming difficult to buy whatever i like as there are so many items in the market which we hardly use it sometimes and the prices of the things is also so high. lets speak about the groceries which each and all the people have to take it and the prices of groceries too increasing day by day and it is really becomming difficult for me to save money. how about you all what do you think on this?
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@Andyck (221)
• Indonesia
21 Oct 08
Not only u ice,it's happen too. Gas and oil attacking my country sucesfully, items price increasing rapidly, plus jobless people on my province up to 1,5 million now. People in village leaving their farm and going to town, for college and better job [that what they said] and this is very bad..u can imagine it, what can children and old mans doing on farm?
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• India
21 Oct 08
yes i know it is really a big problem, as the prices are increasing at the same time even the problem to people increases. there are so many people who can hardly earn their livings and they face many problems due to this hike in prices and there are many families which have to sleep empty stomach. if we people who are with a good job and face so many problems then we can just cant imagine the people lower than us,it is really the worst condition might be they are facing.
@ersmommy1 (12600)
• United States
20 Oct 08
The cost of living is going up. And people are losing jobs. It is difficult, that's for sure. People have to eat. So I am sure we are using things like coupons. Or just buying a little less. Some may be switching to some generic brands. It is what oyu have to do.
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