Do you guys know about the uses of "Shift" in Dota?

October 20, 2008 9:41am CST
I only know that sank king could release the ultra in the jungle first and Shift+Dagger jump into the battle to generate powerful AOE damages. Does anybody know more? Thx :)
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• Philippines
13 Feb 09
Shift is commonly used for Tinker and your crow. He has many skills and items to be pressed. Using shift is the execution of commands. Like for example in rearm you have to wait for second in order for you to do another thing. But with the use of shift you can save time and effort executing your moves. For your crow you can use the shift for transporting your items without even bothering at looking everytime for your crow. That is the power of shift. Shift can also be cancelled.
• Philippines
24 Jan 10
Yeah that's right! Limitbreaker! It also give benefit when using a crow. Especially when transfering bottles and it helps to make the process quick. Where the crow just go pick up the bottle send it to the fountain then give it again to the hero. That's really quick than comanding the a unit manually.
• Philippines
7 Feb 09
well i saw an akasha with a dagon.. and uses wave +dagon in one round
• Malaysia
18 Nov 08
Shift also nice when comes to using Necromicon. Some heroes like Butcher take advantages in using Shift with Necromicon and Skills. It really minimize the time delay of using Skills and Necromicon by manual.
@FLampard (394)
• Malaysia
15 Nov 08
its ultimate not ultra. When u channel the black hole from enigma is the same. If u have a dagger.
• Philippines
3 Nov 08
Yes I use this kind of method. If you have backgrounds in the Normal game. Shifting is used for rallying and for skills. since in dota, where you can only have 1 hero to control. I suppose the use of shift command in here are for skills and item use. hopefully this 2 will help when using Shift command. - Shadow Shaman's chakle then uses the fork in order to maximize the time of chakle. - Bane Elemental's Fiend grip then Dagon or what so ever skill you like. more power.