traffic control. welcome

@qwe123 (253)
October 20, 2008 10:15am CST
it is so effective in controlling the traffic. i took bus to go yongfeng. when i got on the bus, i found out that all the number of the cars were odd number. there were also a little traffic on the road. so i felt the speed of the bus was faster than before. in my opinion this method is the best way in controlling the traffic. so i suggest we would use this method in usual days not just in these olympic days. it is a good topic for me. i am a traffic major , maybe a would be traffic police. as a matter of fact. it depends a lot on the citizens' move. controlling traffic numbers according to their plates numbers is one of the traffic demaning management methods, and surely enough it will amke sense. there are also other means of demanding control methods sucha as traffic congestion pricing. email commute and the priority of public traffic. in addition to that, we can enlarge roads coverage to build more roads.such as the fifth ring road and the sixth ring road. moreover with the application of the high tech. such as intelligence traffic system. education is not to make men carpenters so much as to make carpenters men. \
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@kenchihi (121)
• Malaysia
20 Oct 08
I believe you are from China, welcome. I have read about your traffic control method of letting vehicles on the road with plate numbers ending in even and odd numbers on different days of the week. It does temporarily solve the problem of traffic. But in the long run, is it really the best solution? The government should consider cutting down the number of vehicles owned by the people. Perhaps they could do, a 1 vehicle 2 family policy. Actually come to think of it, your government should start ramping up its public transport system. In most large metropolitan, they have really good subway system which can really reduce the traffic problem and at the same time maintain productivity. I have no idea though as to how your people are coping with the driving on alternate days method, it feels a little awkward to me. I wish you all your best in your job (of future job) :)