How can i stop being so paranoid!!!???

October 20, 2008 12:33pm CST
Im so paranoid about everything. It doesnt matter so much at the moment but my mum says it is going to in the future and it could ruin my life? Is this true and how can i stop being paranoid!? Thankss!
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@kezza246 (83)
20 Oct 08
I am the same as you, really paranoid. I always think there is someone following me, i always have thoughts that my friends all laugh about me behind my back. And sometimes i even think that i am in a special mental hospital and everyone and everywhere around me is just special actors and sets. I have a severe case of paranoia. I think the only way to get rid of this is to face your fears head on, this is what i am going to try to do.
20 Oct 08
facing your fears is what i should do but i wouldnt know where to start! And each day i have more and moe things to be paranoid about. Its in a way runiing my life
• Nigeria
20 Oct 08
Well the answer lies within you...ony you can help yourself as only you can ruin yourself as you are about to do now. Being paranoid can ruin your life but you can avoid it, by taking great steps and it's better to avoid now before it takes over your subconscious... well crawl through this sites it will help you.. and
20 Oct 08
thankss ill have a look at them
@kmurti (100)
• Russian Federation
20 Oct 08
try yoga/meditation they say it helps..for me long brisk walks help in calming me down..
@omar0913 (943)
• Legaspi, Philippines
20 Oct 08
It's up to you, if you always beieve that you are a paranoid then you will always be forever. If you discipline your self and believe that you can cure it and you make a great action to overcome such attitude, for sure you will be heald. Just keep in ind that your attitude depends on your emotions and that emotions was sent to your brain and your brain as well do the actions. So discipline your self and control your emotions, that way you can send message to your brain that you are not a paranoid. Everyday as you woke up or bafore you go to bed, say this to your self, I'm a normal human being, I'm beautiful, and so on.... remember this, never tell your self that you are not a paranoid, if you do your subconscios mind will filter that message and it will remind your brain about your weakness. (Do not put the word paranoid). Take care!!