I was in a car accident last Friday..

October 20, 2008 2:02pm CST
I am so irritated and mad!!! Why? Well I guess my subject says it all..I was in a car accident last Friday. We were driving along Gilmore St. on our way to where I work in Ortigas at 9:30 pm Along New Manila (Places are more familiar to Filipinos). We were about to approach a crossroad 9th st. we saw 2 cars my husband blinked his lights and honked to signal that we were passing. (Gilmore is a bigger street than the 9th st. so mainly we were in the right of way). The car on the left side of the street stopped but when we were about nearing the 9th street the car on the right sped up to cross the street when my husband hit the breaks it was too late. We hit the right back door and end of the Nissan Sentra who drove past us and then from there she hit the Honda Accord who was at a stop. Our car was a total wreck. The hood folded up a bit, the grills fell off our lights got smashed..in short mostly everything in front of our car was damaged. My husband was fuming mad when he got out of the car and this girl who was driving the Nissan was mad as well and was blaming us when it was mainly her fault. Anyways, we went to the traffic station and reported the case and this girl still kept on insisting that we were so far and we were driving so fast that's why we hit her. If we were so far why would we have hit her in just a few seconds and why in the world would my husband jeopardize the safety of me and our 3 kids who were with us? At the Police station when we were asked of our names she immediately flashed out that she was a lawyer. She even called 2 of her other lawyer friends. I called my brother by the way so he was there with us the whole time. He is in Para-legal but we didn't even mention he was one. Then this girl even called 2 of her other 2 lawyer friends to help her out. Then when their guy lawyer came they wanted to settle and give us 10k for the damages. I decided to record that with them not aware of it. Then while talking about the settlement they decided suddenly to back out. I am thinking they might have paid off the investigator there because I saw them come out a room which I thought was a comfort room at first but when we came back to get our police report last sunday it turned out to be a conference room. And guess what? The investigator didn't even hear us out he just read our statement and didn't hear our side. His Decision is to just file a case for both of us so the court will decide who was at fault when it was so clear that she was at fault. She even said in her written statement" I calculated that they were far so I decided to cross" If we were far we couldn't have hit her car and why was the other car in full stop waiting for us to cross? Why would they try to give us 10k? Isn't that admission of fault on their part? Help me out here please. I have been so loaded with problems and this fell in to my face. We tried to contact her this monday about it but she wasn't even responding to us. Do you think we are at fault here? Do you think we have a chance of winning this in case we file a court case? Please enlighten me. Anybody who is a lawyer out there who can help me out? Anybody who understands the traffic rules or somebody from the car accident area who handles this kind of situation? I am so smashed about what happened. When I have so many bills already to pay and it's even my kids bday on the 25th and I don't have anything to give him or treat him with. I don't even have tuition for my eldest second semester. I even have loads of loans to pay...and this problem added to it when I was just thinking about where I would get money to buy new batteries for my car since we just kinda borrowed it and now this..I don't know what else would happen to me..Sometimes I wish I could just be gone in a flash so I won't have this problems anymore..I didn't even get to sleep today and now I am here back at work. Trying to work as if nothing worse is happening to my life..Sigh ****
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• China
20 Oct 08
I am sad to hear it ,anyway,you all are well!I think the life is most important!!Good luck!!
• Philippines
21 Oct 08
Thanks for the response.. I am thankful for us not being hurt.
@Chevee (5915)
• United States
20 Oct 08
I can see you are very upset about this accident and your situation. I don't know the traffic laws in your country. I do hope things turn out good for you and your family. You never mentioned the witnesses. Were there any there? If Gilmore is a big street didn't someone else see the accident. Where I live if there are any witnesses the responding officer always get their phone number and address and put it on the accident report sheet. You can't worry about this what's going to happen will always happen. Stop and think and see if there is something that you have missed that will help you out in court. Good luck with your court case.
• Philippines
20 Oct 08
Thanks for the response..Aside from the recorded tape on the 10k offer, the pictures, my family, there were witnesses but we didn't get any number or name the motorcycle who was driving behind us didn't want to involve himself. The only thing I have is the truth and I never thought having the truth would make me sad because I doubt the court will believe us and it will take a long process and it will be halloween and Christmas and we don't have a car to use anymore...