Have u ever thought of street dogs?

October 20, 2008 2:43pm CST
i always think tht we here talk mostly abt our pet dogs ...but have u ever seeing any dog in trouble thought tht u should do something for them!!i hope you all think tht way ..i started a similar topic before but not got much responses just two or three.... when i see a street dog i feel bad abt them and want to help them in any way but i can't think how.....do u feel the same?
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@mychattime (1013)
20 Oct 08
I've got a dog who is lovely, she can be a little madam at times but she is part of the family and we love her dearly. I don't understand why people abandon animals as they have done nothing wrong and it is unfair. If I saw a deserted dog then yes I would try and help or at least phone the rescue people to help it. It is sad that not everyone takes good care of their pets.