Do you think it happened due to the curse of the house or just a superstition?

October 20, 2008 2:49pm CST
There is a residential bulding in my neighbourhood,actually it cannot be called a house ,it's a bunglow.The first owner sold it because his lovely wife suffered a fall from the first floor of the house.The second owner was a business man and he had containers at the ship-yard.After he purchased that house the state government announced a new container trans-shipment project in another port and it was a backlash to his business.Soon liabilities overtook his assets and he was forced to sell that house to a another person whose family was in a gulf country for a price much lower than the current market value.The new owner after purchasing the house spent almost the same amount of money for doing some renovations and refurbishments.But two months back his security guard committed suicide in the servants bathroom of the house and the owner had to spent a lot of money to get rid of the police formalities.Within two days he sold the house to a muslim family.Now they are residing there.But by this time a superstition about the house started spreading about the house in the neighbourhood that the house is unlucky or awkward or the like.I don't usually believe in any such superstitions.But the neighbours here are eager to know what will happen to the new affluent muslim family who has purchased the house.What is your opinion about the house?
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• Philippines
22 Oct 08
i think the house need to be bless.
• India
22 Oct 08
I too think so.thank you