Have you ever sold on Helium Marketplace?

@android (895)
October 20, 2008 5:10pm CST
I have submitted a few articles to the Helium marketplace, the ones I've placed into the rating system haven't really made me any money at all. Have you successfully sold any articles through the Helium marketplace?
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@nishdan01 (3055)
• Singapore
29 Oct 08
I have written few articles. Sold just one article. If it is not sold, it transitions to articles at helium and makes money. There is nothing to worry unless the marketplace asks for articles that are less than 400 words which may get deleted with time.
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• United States
25 Oct 08
I only seem to write for Helium when they have a reward-a-thon going one, as that is the only way that I make good money on there. I have sold one article on Marketplace but that was a few months back. I have only submitted about 6-7 articles to Marketplace and like I mentioned I sold 1 out of those. If you are going to write a Marketplace title, make sure that it is something that you know about. Also. try choosing a title that doesn't have that many submissions in it, as you have a better chance at selling the article. The reason why I don't submit that many as I can go to a website like AC and submit my articles and know that I am going to be paid, while Marketplace, although is a nice amount of money, is taking a chance at getting paid.
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@paid2write (5202)
22 Oct 08
I have sold 8 articles in the Helium Marketplace so far, just within the past few months. When I write for the Marketplace I make sure I meet the publishers guidelines as closely as I can. If they ask for 400 words I do not submit an article with more than 500 words. If they ask me to include certain key words, I make sure I use all of them in my article. Some of my Marketplace articles don't get sold, but then they transition into my list of articles and start earning money from page views. Marketplace articles are good topics and full of keywords, so they are found in search engine results, and they can earn more than some other topics I have written about. I have been paid four times by Helium and have reached payout again this month. The money I earn every day from my list of more than 100 articles adds up nicely. My top earning articles alone earn several dollars each month. At Helium, you have to work hard, match your writing skills to what the market requires, and keep at it.
@mokbul (616)
• Singapore
20 Oct 08
I am writing in Helium regularly, normal wrting earning is very slow, may be few cents a day. Written a few for market place, but not sold so far. But I have own contest and $60 once.