What is your worst experience back in high school?

October 20, 2008 6:50pm CST
I think my worst ever experience in high school was when I got into a big fight with the administrators of the school. I was a class president then and they were selling concert tickets. I was supposed to get the tickets and distribute them to my classmates and ask them to pay for the tickets but I did not do this because we already paid for other tickets before that. I figured if I do not get the tickets from them, I will not have to pay for them. I mean, why pay for items you never got right? They could not force us to pay and so the tickets were stuck with them and they were so angry, they did not know what to do with me. :) *bwahaha* It affected me a lot though. It brought me to tears. Still, it's a nice memory to remember. The following year, they did not let me be part of the top class even though my average was so much higher than some in the top class. It was one of the first travesties one experiences at a young age. It opened my eyes to the cruelties of the world though. The administrators are still in my high school. At least on of them. The other passed away some years ago ( I had nothing to do with it). I have moved on though. When I was there I already spoke to the other one (since my sister was still studying there). Everything is good now.
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