Have you ever had a wall clock or table clock that gives off this

October 21, 2008 12:27am CST
different tunes for every hour as soon as the long hand strikes 12?The old grand father clock is different as it regularly strikes and produces the boom,boom sound. The number of booms corresponds the time right Now for this wall clock we had when I was in college...I remember my late mom to be very excited to get a wall clock that "sings" a different tune every hour. So eventually,we got used to the tunes...like 6am was London Bridge. 7am was Old Mc Donalds...and so on and on...with 12noon as the Happy Birthday tune...in a while it was irritating then we got used to it,then we memorized what time a tune was for... everything went ok...until...the batteries of the wall clock,slowed down...we didnt realize that if the batteries slow down,the tunes get affected,the tunes moved to other numbers...London Bridge became 5am,Old Mcdonald at 6am and Happy Birthday at 11am...as the battery got slower and slower,the tunes moved and moved...LOL, we all got disoriented with time...LOL Then we placed new batteries,the tunes never returned to original corresponding numbers, so...the tunes kept moving and moving and... for sure...I am not going to get the same wall clock for my own house...LOL
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• Australia
21 Oct 08
I don't have that kind of clock but my cousins do. When it strikes and makes a noise I jump a bit and then remember it's just there clock, cause I'm used to clocks without the noise.
• Philippines
21 Oct 08
LOL...clocks could actuallymake us jump...tnx for sharing
@rainmark (4306)
21 Oct 08
Yes we had that different tunes of wall clock before hanging on the wall that's why i love listen and waiting the time in our living room. BUt it was an old clock and it doesn't work now. Speaking of clock, my in-laws got a very old pendulum clock which doesn't have a seconds hand only the hour and minute hands, every 15 minutes the clock will makinng a dingdong sounds like a bell. It is taller than me which stands at the corner of my in-laws house and it looks and antique clock. My husband auncle, he got a clock from US which is makes a sound of birds. Every hour it has a different sounds of birds and the small bird will come out from his small house and going to make a tweet tweet sounds. It's really cute i will find some similar to it but in UK or in a Filipino Version hahaha. Happy posting.