Fine-Tune For Fast Result And Big Muscle

October 21, 2008 1:50am CST
The high-def muscle sequence. By training your your major muscles in every session, you'll ignite a surge of fat burning hormones, for crystal-clear muscle definition from head to toe. Later on,i will post the following step by step exercises on my next post taggee "FTFF EXERCISES" HOW IT WORKS: Perform 3 sets of 6 reps. Of the DUMBBELL CLEAN AND PRESS. Then do the BARBELL SQUAT, followed immediatley by the DUMBBELL SINGLE ARM ROW. This pari of moves is a superset; complete 3rounds of 8 reps each--that is, 3supersets. Next, do 3 sets of DEADLIFT and BURPEE. Do 8 reps of the deadlift and 30 seconds of the burpee in each superset. Rest for 45 seconds between sets. Try this in 3day a week, resting a day between sessions. Pls go to my next post for the instruction of the following exercise. Thanks!
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