The Dress And the Bake Beans

@rainmark (4306)
October 21, 2008 1:50am CST
I read a nice story in one of the magazines about the woman. When she passed the dress shop she saw a beautiful autumn dress then she tried it and she looks nice with it. But it's so expensive.She told the stroy the her friends and her friends convience to buy it for her dinner date attire. But she's thinking if she buy the dress she will going to eat the bake beans for a while. But after her dinner date with her husband with her skirt and blouse she realize how much her husband love her. Then she wanted to give him a surprised, the next day, she buy the dress and prepared a dinner for them, with romantic music on and bake beans on the table but important is her husband amazed and suprised to her new beautiful dress and she looks stunning! This reminds me about my shopping attitude sometimes. Even im short in budget i sacrifice my food budget just to buy the nice dress or shoes. But i am happy to have it i know it's not takes too long to eat pure vegetables everyday then i get back on my proper diet lolz. [b][/b]Does it happened to you sometimes? That you buy something you like even it's out of you budget and then sacrifice the rest? Thanks for sharing. Happy posting.
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@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
22 Oct 08
INteresting story, and yet true too ^_^ MOst ple or maybe most woman, will rather choose to look good, and give up proper meal for days.. lol =D ALot of my female frenz are just like that.. hehe But for guys, for me, i will budget myself to last my spendings to end of the month, and that i have to make sure the thing i gonna buy is worth it, and it wont affect my spendings for the rest of the month.. haha ^_^ Or even gadgets or new phones, i will be saving up to buy instead of spending my whole month's pay.. hehe