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October 21, 2008 2:11am CST
I used to buy these candles online. They are great candles and they last forever. I found out that linen and things is going out of business and i found out they are carrying them there. So i want to go get some cuz i can use these candles and they will last for months and they smell so great. They are called Colonial Candles. They maybe exspensive, but they are well worth it. Then you dont have to go and get candles every week cuz the ones you bought ran out. But they have them at linen and things for 10% off. So i am going to get some. Just wanted to share that with all you candle lovers. I promise you will like them ALOT. Well have a good one and i will talk to you soon.
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21 Oct 08
Well you best get lots of em girlie, i know how you are on candles! lol. And that is good info to have, i never heard of Colonial Candles, i wonder if anyone else carries them or if they are exclusive to linens and things? we need to find out and quick lol. I love candles too and it is really hard to find candles that smell great when they burn AND last a long time.
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22 Oct 08
I know of other places that you can buy them you can go to bed bath and beyond and they have them. But i really like linen and things so thats why i was saying that am going to miss that place there is some much stuff. Plus they were on sale soooo you know me. I see a sale and i am there. Well anyway i cant wait to get some more i love them.
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25 Oct 08
I have bought them online awhile back but i would rather go and get them at the store and have them the same day. If you ever get them you will love them girly i promise. I will send you one here in the next couple of days and you tell me what you think of them so you know what i am getting you into. Hahahahaha.
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